Instructions for handling glass

As glass is a fragile material, it should handled with caution. The most fragile parts of glass are its edges and corners. Glass should never be pushed on its edges or turned around its corners. Glass can be turned by lifting (with the help of suction cups when necessary) or turning should be done on the entire edge of the glass. If soft material is used under the glass when it is turned, it should extend all the way under the glass edge.

Clean and dry gloves should be used when handling glass. Glass should not be touched with bare hands if one has handled silicone products. No sharp, metallic or abrasive tools or items should be used when handling glass, as they might scratch the surface of the glass (such as buckles and studs of coveralls, knifes, blades).

If there is a crack in the glass, it should not be used or installed, as risks of breaking and injury increase. To avoid any injury, proper safety gear such as gloves, bracers and goggles should be used.