Glazings for terraces and balconies

Kimmelux terrace glazing products

- GL sliding glass
- Thermo sliding glass with insulant glass
- Fixed windows and glass walls
- Glass roof structures
- Glass railings and weather shields from polycarbonate

Lukkan sliding glass

Lukkan sliding glass has been designed for resistant yet light building. A terrace with Lukkan sliding glass is easy to keep clean from dust, rain and noise. Sliding glass is equipped with crest seal, which forms a unitary, tight-fitting wall from glazing that is built from multiple elements. Special attention in the structures is put on reliability both during summer and winter.

Lukkan GL

  Lukkan GL sliding glass is equipped with one-layer glazing and it is suitable especially for rooms without insulation. Tested by VTT, Lukkan GL shuts out rain and wind well.

Lukkan Termo

  Lukkan Termo works similarly as normal sliding glass, but it has cold stoppers in horizontal profiles and runners. Termo runners are two- or three-railed (h=30 mm) and they also have water removal rakes. Termo slide glazing is designed for insulant glass and it is typically used in terraces and greenhouses that are in year-round use.

Lukkan accessories   Lukkan sliding glass can be equipped with a locking system, for example Abus safety lock or Abloy lock frame. Also other, lighter locking systems are available to fit the purpose of use.


Kimmelux glass roofs for terraces

Glass roofs for terraces are always made from safety glass.

Roof glazing is fixed with aluminum molding, and weather strips are placed on existing wooden frame.

The thickness of glazing depends on its size and the angle of the roof.


SG roof glazing

Structural Glazing (SG) is a glazing technique without molding.

When steel and aluminum profiles sized according to the target are used as the supporting structure, roof glazing can be installed without using any aluminum molding on the surface. With this technique, a finished end-result can be achieved and the surface of roof glazing looks uniform without any surface molding.

The glazing is glued on the supporting structure with a special silicone mass designed for structural glazing.