Product development

For over 17 years Kimmelux has invested in research and development in order to enhance its burglar proof and bullet resistant glazing.

During that time we have delivered thousands of safety glazings that are designed to offer the best possible protection and resistance.

Since the establishment of the enterprise, Kimmelux has manufactured bullet proof glazing to the armed forces in numerous different countries and for different applications.

Kimmelux has devoted plenty of time in research and development in order to create better technology and new functions that upgrade the product in all levels of bullet proofing, aesthetics and resistance.

The bullet resistance of military applications varies between EN BR4 - STANAG 3. We also execute custom-built shielding that is in line with the international ballistics standards.

We are very proud of the ballistic shield glazing of high quality that we have developed, and that is in use in extreme circumstances and weather conditions around the world.