Bullet resistant windows and glazing

Kimmelux is the leading manufacturer of bullet resistant glazing. With our unique manufacturing technique we are able to achieve top-level safety.

Our unique way of manufacturing bullet resistant glazing contains special materials and procedures that decrease the weight and thickness of the glass and are brighter than traditional laminated bullet resistant glazing of the same security classification, yet maintaining the best ballistic performance.

Kimmelux glazing offers almost 100 % protection against the effects of the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

Especially ballistic safety requirements for safety glazing vary greatly depending on the situation. That is why Kimmelux also develops its products according to individual needs and against different guns and ammunition.

Kimmelux is specialized in bullet resistance of demanding targets and solutions, in which best possible protection against different kinds of threats is required.

Our products have been tested according to several ballistic tests, including the following: European standard EN 1063 and NATO’s STANAG 4569.