Bullet resistant glazing and frames

Bullet resistant glazing

For over 16 years Kimmelux has manufactured and installed security glazing to seacrafts, including navy ships, surveillance ships and smaller military ships from many countries. Kimmelux has encountered challenges such as difficult weather conditions, security and durability, and has managed to enhance its products all along.

In addition to ballistic performance, Kimmelux has invested in better optical clarity and durability in the most extreme conditions.

Durable and shielded

Our unique way of manufacturing bullet resistant glazing contains special materials and procedures that decrease the weight and thickness of the glass and are brighter than traditional laminated bullet resistant glazing of the same security classification, yet maintaining the best ballistic performance.

Kimmelux glazing also protects from the fading effects of the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

- ballistic certificates available
- lightness
- enables modern solutions in transparent bullet resistance
- shield against interference available to all components
- heating available to all components
- better flexibility in vehicle design
- functionality in extreme temperatures and conditions
- durability

The bullet resistance of glazing varies between levels BR4 and STANAG 3.

Window frames

- easy and quick to install
- in accordance with the client’s needs
- assemblies usually endure several detachments from and reinstallations to a vehicle without a need to renew the frame

- stainless steel
- aluminum
- bullet resistant steel and special steel

Protection classes of window frame steel

Bullet resistance up to levels EN1522 and Stanag 4569 level 3.

Approved with standards:
PM2000, EN1522, Stanag 4569 ja MIL-A-46100D

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